In order to join an existing society, a recommendation of an active member of that society is required. Setting up an independent AVE society can be done by anone who is inspired by our philosophy. 

Ordinary Membership. In order to become a member of an existing AVE Society:

  • The recommendation of an active member is required.
  • The unanimous agreement (anonymous vote) of all existing members is essential.
  • A minimal age of 55 years is needed.
  • A membership in one or several other non-AVE societies is possible, as long as their purpose does not contradict the AVE Philosophy.

The AVE-Societies

  • Can equally be made of male and/or female members.
  • Ideally consist of members from different professional backgrounds, so they can mutually benefit from each other’s experience
  • If desired however, they can regroup members of the same professional backgrounds (former politicians, civil servants, military personnel, bankers, lorry drivers…)
  • Local AVE-Societies are  all represented in National AVE Organisations.