About us


Welcome, “Active¬†VEteran”

Who are we?

Our societies are made up of active veterans, who are at least 55 years old and who want to enjoy their 3rd part of life in an active way and share it with friends.

What does “AVE” stand for?

AVE, on the one hand, is a Latin expression and means: “Hello” or “Greetings to you”.
on the other hand is the abbreviation for “Active Veteran”.

AVE among our members therefore means: Greetings to you, Active Veteran.

03 03 03 03 03 and 05 05 05 05 05

On the 3/3/2003 at 03:03 the statutes of the first AVE society “AVE Tokyo” were signed in Tokyio, Japan and the first society officially founded.

The foundation of the first AVE society in Switzerland “AVE Thunersee” (Formerly “AVE Oberhofen”) took place on the 5/5/2005 at 05:05.


Apart from the internal activities in each individual society (visits, discussions, presentations, lunches and dinners, sports and leisure activities..), we also maintain friendly relations between the different societies – be it within the same country or internationally.